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Business Strategy - What are the keys to an effective business strategy?

Posted by Edaise Germany on Mar 24, 2019 8:38:06 PM

Updated on 4/20/2021

Developing a successful business strategy must at the very least include involvement from all users on the team, having a good enterprise architecture and implementing data technology...but only after business rules are well understood.

Business rules take into account the rules about your data. So how are we able to get our arms around these business rules? Well, let's first see about developing models to understand the data that we need.

Data modeling is essential when creating a strategy for your business. Data modeling enables you to better understand the data of your business which translates into knowing what strategy will reach your goals. This is a great Blog that talks more about business strategy and why it must be aligned with your data strategy. 

Be sure to acknowledge your challenges on formulating a business strategy by letting us know here.  Acknowledging the extent of your challenge is the first step towards devising a plan of action. Your challenge may be an easy fix or it may be a more than difficult fix – what some may call "wicked."  Let us know by providing the information below and we'll respond to you with what will hopefully be an easy fix. You have nothing to lose. Additionally, we will send you a copy of our E-Book, "Critical Success Factors for Business Intelligence - The Creation of Information Symmetry".




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