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Enterprise Architecture - How do you keep up with a constantly changing business environment?

Posted by Olivia Rasmussen on Aug 10, 2019 4:13:49 PM

Your business environment is constantly changing and being able to effectively manage that change is crucial. 

As the business world grows, so does the influence of an Enterprise Architect. Overtime this position has become more of a necessity in modern-day businesses with the growing impact of digital transformation along with the ever changing world of business. Implementing new systems and softwares is a vital part of this position. Therefore it is crucial to have a framework that provides an in-depth look across strategy, people, processes, data, networks and locations. That is why an Enterprise Architecture framework called The Zachman Framework was founded years ago by John Zachman.

The Zachman Framework establishes a set of standard perspectives to help you to better understand your business and to enable your business succeed.

“If you want to build several skyscrapers, your architecture should include a plan for the city!” - John Zachman. Such is the case for an enterprise.

Do you know how change affects your enterprise? Your stakeholders? Your systems? We'd like to hear how.  Take a moment and tell us about your greatest challenge. Provide us with the information below and get your copy of the E-Book "A High Performance Enterprise Architecture in a Changing Environment".

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