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7 Ways Data Modeling Is Critical to Managing Data Privacy and Governance.

Posted by Michael Cesino on Jan 10, 2020 9:28:30 AM
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Visible Systems Corporation recent data governance solution is designed to govern data in accordance with the most recent data privacy and security regulations.

Visible 2020 Data Governance edition is now available for you to ascertain and comply with the critical underpinnings of data governance.

Visible 2020 Data Governance edition includes these features:

Upon Design ...
  1. Readily examine all representations of sensitive data in your enterprise architecture, system design, system architecture and configuration documentation; change control records; other relevant documents or records.
  2. Find out who the personnel are responsible for establishing the systems; personnel with responsibilities for updating the systems; and personnel with information security responsibilities for systems and networks.
  3. Reuse various design time components, work product, including native to cut down on the amount of time in developing data governance processes
  4. Organize processes for managing baseline configurations; for developing and documenting an inventory of system components; and for updating inventory of system components.

Upon Implementation ...

  1. Apply personal and sensitive data recognition techniques so you are better able to control user experiences.
  2. Support model and data integration from major databases to work effectively across platforms. Contains a query analysis to enforce differential privacy for general-purpose SQL queries - embedding a differential privacy mechanism in the query directly; the transformed query enforces differential privacy on its results and can be executed on any standard SQL database.
  3. Manage the privacy data life cycle from collection through storage, analysis, transfer and disposition.

    Click on Privacy Data Life Cycle image below for more details and recorded demos.
Sensitive Data Lifecycle

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