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Systems Analysis - On strategy, process and data - an art or a science?

Posted by Kevin Ngo on Apr 24, 2019 5:53:09 PM

Updated on 4/20/2021

Is Systems Analysis an Art or a Science? Let's take a look at the Science first.

To be a successful systems analyst, you need to have the ability to adapt to changes in environment, in markets, and in customer expectations. Enterprises must make change to management an integral process. These can include traditional activities such as reorganization, concentration on core competencies, and integrating new technologies. Adapting e-Engineering practices enables the systems analyst to approach these areas with a more methodological analysis.  Have you ever wondered how to manage multiple agendas, priorities and deadlines?

Now let's take a look at it as an Art.

Much of the art of Systems Analysis come in understanding the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and which type of SDLC (Waterfall, Agile, Spiral, Iterative) to apply in a given project. Some difficulties of SDLC is understanding when the SDLC should be applied, lack of flexibility, quality issues, and integration issues. By adapting e-Engineering, it should not matter. Through the e-Engineering methodology, activities are performed “just in time,” i.e., when they are most needed in an enterprise’s unique environment.

As a practicing Systems Analysis, we'd like to hear from you on what best practices you have used. Do you consider it a science or an art?If you are curious on how to approach your practice more along the lines of a science than an art then provide us with your feedback below and we will send you our E-Book on "e-Engineering - A Unified Methodology for Enterprise Transformation".



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