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What Employers are Looking for when Hiring Entry-level Systems Analysts?

Posted by John Nash on Apr 17, 2019 10:38:08 AM
I thought I would share with you a research paper I found that might benefit your systems analysis and design course.
This excellent research paper by Erastus Karanja and Donna M. Grant of North Carolina Central University, as well as Shinetta Freeman, Goddard Space Flight Center and David Anyiwo of Bowie State University. This paper shows that most employers prefer that their entry level systems analysts have between 2-3 years of experience as well as have industry certifications. This level of experience closely matches descriptions found in job advertisements. It reveals that employers are typically looking for Undergraduate, Computer Science degrees. It also shows that industry professionals prefer entry level systems analysts to have non-technical and people skills including: problem solving and oral communication. Fortune 500 companies confirm this expecting that systems analysts be multi-skilled in areas like:  database, functional business, communication, interpersonal, and all phases of  the systems development lifecycle (SDLC) including: planning, analysis, design, implementation, and maintenance.
The basic skill requirements for systems analysts are usually gained at an accredited university, while it is much less common for a systems analyst professional to receive on-the-job training. It is clear that the most beneficial experiences are in the classroom, yet it is clear that exposure to hands-on and real-world experience will enhance the value of entry-level systems analysts, click here

One way to improve a typical systems analysis and design class is by offering hands-on experience. Using the Visible Analyst as a part of your course is a good way to give your students exposure to real-world experience with the SDLC, click here to claim your free license for use in the classroom.

In my next blog I plan to detail the top systems analyst skills that employers are looking for.


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