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Product Operations - Can We Trust the Data?

Posted by Celime Nasser on Mar 29, 2019 10:19:22 AM

We make decisions every day. But do we trust the data that we rely on to make these decisions? Can we even find the data and when we do is it timely enough for us to use it ?

We should expect reliable, timely and trusted data. As an Operations Manager,  you want to immediately see the data that matters most to us when it matters most so we can make timely decisions – whether that be professionally or personally. Perhaps it's about conducting many searches that could be very different from each other or perhaps it means drilling down to a point where we see what wasn't so obvious to us. What would it take to accomplish this? Here are a few critical success factors we feel are relevant. We'd like to see what you consider to be important.

Built-in data integrity and consistency: Data Discovery starts from an organizational or business perspective.

Baked-in data quality: Full integration with the business data; eliminates expensive, time consuming data wrangling and data curation.

Diverse data discovery: Can aggregate and join data across multiple, dispersed and disparate data sources.

User friendly: Delivers a guided search experience to help end users get to the right answer.

Bi-modal: Joins well prescribed data typically found inside of your organization with discoverable data found outside of your business. One focused on predictability; the other on exploration – creating information asymmetry.


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