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Business Rules - What are the best practices used in defining business rules?

Posted by Andres Castaneda on Apr 17, 2019 10:09:17 AM

Updated 4/20/2021

What Are Business Rules and How are They Applied?

Documenting and implementing business rules as metadata is fairly simple.  But in order to implement business rules as a business analyst for widespread use across all business functions, there must be at least three basic characteristics present in all good business rules:

  • Explicit expression : Any statement of business rules needs an explicit expression, either graphically or as a formal (logic-based) language. 
  • Declarative nature: A business rule is declarative, not procedural. It describes a desirable, possible state that is either required or prohibited.
  •  Coherent representation: A single, coherent model for all the kinds of business rules is desirable.

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